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A Holistic Approach To Dentistry

Sedation Huapai Dental

If you are very nervous, talk to us about having your treatment under sedation.

Huapai Braces

Functional Braces is used to straighten teeth with a focus on airway & tongue space.

tongue Tie Huapai Dental

A condition that restricts the tongue's range of motion.

White Fillings Huapai Dental 2

White fillings looks better and are also better for you.

Gum Disease Huapai Dental

Poor Gum Health May Lead To Poor Heart Health.

Extraction Huapai Dental

Extraction is our Last option. We first see if we can save the tooth.

Root canal therapy Huapai Dental

Root Canal Therapy is needed when the tooth's nerve becomes infected due to deep decay, a cracked tooth or tooth trauma.

Implants Huapai Dental

This is the ideal option to replace a missing tooth, especially if the adjacent teeth do not require any treatment.

Crowns Huapai Dental

Crowns are recommended when there is a crack in the tooth, the tooth has been RCT treated or is heavily filled.

Dentures Huapai Dental

Dentures are removable appliances used to replace missing teeth.

Huapai Digital X-ray

- Intra Oral X-rays - Panoramic Lateral Ceph X-rays

HDC Cosmetic Dentistry

We can redesign your smile with a focus on functionality & aesthetics.

Hygiene Huapai Dental

We are proud to offer 10% off service fees (excluding Lab work) to all SuperGold Card members, Policemen and Firemen.

(not in conjunction with other offers)

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Dr Krushen Viranna

250 Main Road, Kumeu, Auckland

Ph: 09 412 7851

Mobile: 022 412 7155

Holistic Dental Exam
What To Expect?
  • Discussion evaluating your diet, habits and medical conditions or medications that could contribute to a decrease in oral health.

  • Jaw joint examination.

  • Examination of your gums and teeth.

  • A series of intra-oral photos and x-rays.

  • All this information is then correlated in order to prepare a treatment plan for you which is then discussed with you.

  • For more intricate cases the treatment plan will be discussed at a subsequent appointment in order to ensure you receive the best care.


Time : 1 Hour

(Includes all Intra-Oral X-rays, Clinical Photos & Treatment Plan Presentation)

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