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Tit - Bits About HDC


  • Imagine movies & a show... YES, WE HAVE MOVIES & TREATMENT!!!

    • for Longer sessions you can enjoy a movie while having your treatment done or be relaxed with sedation.

  • Our aim is to give you, you best dental experience!

  • At HDC (Huapai Dental Care), we understand that coming in for a check-up or more, can make anyone nervous & that is why we focus on a calm, non clinical environment.

  • We practice Holistic, Preventative Dentistry by giving you as much information regarding your dental health as possible, so that you can make an informed decision to minimise your future treatment needs.

  • We have to work together with you to achieve the best result for your dental health.

  • Diagnosis & all treatment is done under magnification to ensure the highest standard possible.

  • We understand that treatment can get expensive, therefore we can break it down in order of priority to help you smile with confidence.

  • We understand that treatment can get expensive, therefore we provide a treatment plan with most urgent treatment first & we now have 18 MONTHS INTEREST FREE WITH Q CARD!!!

  • We can help you smile with confidence.

HDC Dr Krushen.jpg

Our Dentist ~ Dr Krushen Viranna


Krushen is a Registered General Dentist practicing in the beautiful wine growing district of Kumeu in Auckland. He was born and raised in the sunny city of Durban, South Africa and graduated as a Dental Surgeon (BDS) from the beautiful city of Mysore, India. Since he has completed his NZ registration he has brought his passion for dentistry and even more, Holistic Dentistry, to the community. Being so well travelled, has given him the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life thereby enhancing his ability to make them feel at ease straight away.


His holistic view is that the whole body functions together and has to be treated the same. Krushen’s passion for his patients complete well being, makes him strive to use the mouth as the (entrance) Eyes to the Body. Functional orthodontics is his focus as he believes, “If you are going to straighten your teeth, you might as well get the benefits along the journey.” We can’t stop him from talking about this once we get him started which you will see when you meet him.

Krushen’s comprehensive treatment planning provides a personalised treatment plan for every patient which enables him to work with them, to analyse the cause of the problems and work at treating it. His patients understand a lot more about their teeth & body. This helps them pay more attention to signs and symptoms. Yearly recalls eventually become a relaxing visit knowing that Krushen is always focussing on their’s and your Holistic Well Being.


Member of NZDC -New Zealand Dental Council

Member of NZDA - New Zealand Dental Association

Member of ITI -International Institute of Implantology

Member of ADA- Auckland Dental Association

Member of NZACD - New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Member of NZIMID - New Zealand institute of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

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