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At HDC we focus on holistic treatment as this is our philosophy of care. 

What is Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

  • Starting from a young age, 5 years old, helps correct tongue and jaw position during development & assist the correct tongue swallow which is critical in maintaining the harmonious balance betweeen muscles, teeth & external forces.

  • It decreases bad habits like:

    • tongue trhusting

    • mouth breathing which leads to gum disease & demineralisation of teeth

    • teeth grinding, etc.

What is Functional Orthodontics?

  • Aside from orthodontics being used to straighten teeth, there are other possible concerns to consider.

  • Firstly, crowding would mean the teeth has invaded the tongue space.

  • If the tongue space is invaded it forces the tongue in one direction, and that is Back, causing blockage of the airway.

  • This can contribute to snoring as well as sleep apnoea, Tempro Mandibular Disorders, Gastric Reflux, Etc.

  • When patients are younger, expansion appliances (removable or fixed) can be used to help patients with crowding by expanding the arch, making space for the crowded teeth rather than extractions.

  • Sometimes, however we are left with no option aside from extractions.

  • Removable appliances can also be used to help with other areas, like correction of a Cross Bite or Mandibular Tanslation etc.

What are Braces?

  • Braces are small brackets which are bonded onto the teeth and connected using wires.

  • They come in Metal & Ceramic (which is more aesthetic).

  • The Braces that we use are called Self Ligating Brackets which have smooth, gliding gates to hold the wire in place & it doesn't need elastic bands which limit & delay movement of teeth.

  • Together with Nickel Titanium, Copper Nickle Titanium & Thermal wires they help move the teeth faster while still using the least force.

Orthodontic treatment plan depends on orthodontic records ($400) which will then determine length of treatment and cost of treatment.

Early interceptive orthodontics - from 5 years old. Helps reduce treatment needed in the

future. Helps improve swallow pattern, which in turn helps improve development.



Stages according to Degree of Complexity:



  • Upto 12 months orthodontic treatment $5900.




  • Upto 18 months orthodontic treatment $6900.



  • Upto 24 months orthodontic treatment $7900.



  • Upto 36 months orthodontic treatment $8900.​

Free orthodontic consultation and payment plans available. 


* All fees are for metal braces.

* Conditions apply.

All treatment photos in Gallery have been done at Huapai Dental Care.






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