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At HDC we focus on holistic treatment as this is our philosophy of care. 

What is Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

  • Starting from a young age, 5 years old, helps correct tongue and jaw position during the development & assist the correct tongue swallow which is critical in maintaining the harmonious balance between muscles, teeth & external forces.

  • It decreases bad habits like:

    • tongue thrusting

    • mouth breathing which leads to gum disease & demineralisation of teeth

    • teeth grinding, etc.

What is Functional Orthodontics?

  • Aside from orthodontics being used to straighten teeth, there are other possible concerns to consider.

  • Firstly, crowding would mean the teeth have invaded the tongue space.

  • If the tongue space is invaded it forces the tongue in one direction, and that is Back, causing blockage of the airway.

  • This can contribute to snoring as well as sleep apnoea, Tempro Mandibular Disorders, Gastric Reflux, Etc.

  • When patients are younger, expansion appliances (removable or fixed) can be used to help patients with crowding by expanding the arch, making space for the crowded teeth rather than extractions.

  • Sometimes, however, we are left with no option aside from extractions.

  • Removable appliances can also be used to help with other areas, like correction of a Cross Bite or Mandibular Tanslation etc.

What are Braces?

  • Braces are small brackets that are bonded onto the teeth and connected using wires.

  • They come in Metal & Ceramic (which is more aesthetic).

  • The Braces that we use are called Self Ligating Brackets which have smooth, gliding gates to hold the wire in place & it doesn't need elastic bands which limit & delay movement of teeth.

  • Together with Nickel Titanium, Copper Nickle Titanium & Thermal wires they help move the teeth faster while still using the least force.

Orthodontic treatment plan depends on orthodontic records ($400) which will then determine length of treatment and cost of treatment.

Early interceptive orthodontics - from 5 years old. Helps reduce treatment needed in the

future. Helps improve swallow pattern, which in turn helps improve development.


Stages according to Degree of Complexity:



  • Upto 12 months orthodontic treatment $5900.




  • Upto 18 months orthodontic treatment $6900.



  • Upto 24 months orthodontic treatment $7900.



  • Upto 36 months orthodontic treatment $8900.​

Free orthodontic consultation and payment plans available. 


* All fees are for metal braces.

* Conditions apply.

All treatment photos in Gallery have been done at Huapai Dental Care.






Orthodontics Kumeu Severe Crowding
Orthodontics Kumeu Severe Crowding
Orthodontics Kumeu Mild crowding
Orthodontics Kumeu Moderate Crowding
Kumeu Orthodontics
Adult Orthodonitc Treatment in Kumeu
Orthodonitcs in Kumeu
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