Services / Treatments Offered
White Fillings


Do you want to change your amalgam fillings or have peace of mind knowing that you are getting white fillings?

  • We use only white fillings in our practice.

  • Our fillings are done using rubber dam/sheet which:

    • helps prevent water contamination leading to a better quality filling.

    • reduces the chances of you swallowing the amalgam as it is being removed.

    • Makes treatment more comfortable.

  • Filling fees vary from $175 -$375. Depending on the size & number of surfaces involved.

  • When a filled tooth structure is more than 50%, a crown is recommended as the integrity of the tooth is then compromised.

  • If the tooth structure has been weakened and a crown is too expensive, a composite crown can be placed but it is not as strong as a crown. Composite crowns $400 -$475.


Orthodontics (Braces)
  • We focus on orthodontics from an airway and tongue-space perspective.

  • As far as possible we try to do treatment non-extraction.

  • Please view the "Orthodontics" page regarding fees & more information.

RCT / Extraction


Do you have a toothache?

  • A toothache can sometimes be from a deep decay not involving the nerve. This may need either a dressing or a filling.

  • Root Canal Therapy is recommended when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected due to deep decay, a cracked tooth or trauma to the tooth.

  • At Huapai Dental Care - RCT treatments are done over 2 appointments to increase the success of the treatment, by allowing the infection to completely clear before sealing the canal.

  • RCT from $700 - $1225 including core filling. A core filling is stronger than a normal filling.

  • An alternative to a RCT is an extraction.

  • Extractions can increase the load on other teeth as well as change the bite as teeth move.

  • From $175 (mobile tooth) -$375 (wisdom tooth).



Do you have cracked or broken teeth?

  • Crowns are recommended when there is a crack in the tooth, the tooth has been RCT treated or is heavily filled.

  • There are different types of crowns eg. porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or gold onlay inlay crown.

  • They are recommended to prevent the tooth from splitting or breaking.

  • From $1450.



Cosmetics Dentistry


Are you unhappy with your smile?

  • We can redesign your smile with a variety of treatments from whitening to veneers or crowns.

  • A smile can even be changed with cosmetic fillings.

  • Call us to discuss your options.



Are you anxious/nervous?

  • We offer IV(intravenous) or oral sedation for anxious patients.

  • This is also a popular option for patients who would like to get more treatment done in one appointment.

  • Oral sedation- $150 , IV sedation $450 / appointment.


Periodontal Therapy

(Gum Treatment)

Do your gums bleed or hurt?

  • Gum treatment is recommended when the gums are bleeding, infected or inflamed with more than 3mm pockets.

  • This is deeper than you are able to clean at home.

  • Gum disease has a high correlation with heart disease and vice-a-versa.

  • Gum treatment with us is generally over 3 appointments from $815 and thereafter requires a 3 monthly hygiene recall.


13yrs -17 yrs Free

Is your teen eligible?

  • We are fortunate to have free dental treatment available in New Zealand.

  • 13-17 year olds that are registered with us can request a free orthodontic consultation at the same appointment.

  • This does not include orthodontics or wisdom teeth extractions.

  • You have the option of enrolling your child at either a school clinic or a dentist of your choice. We only provide white fillings.

  • 13yr/School Year 9 upto 18th birthday. Please call if unsure of eligibility.


Missing Teeth/Implants


Do you have missing teeth?

  • Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges, implants or dentures.

  • Depends on the number of missing teeth, the type of bite and your budget we can tailor an option to suit you.

  • Bridges - depends on the number of teeth missing and the condition of the teeth they are to seat on.

  • Implants - This is the ideal option to replace a missing tooth, especially if the adjacent teeth do not require any treatment.

  • From $4500/implant and crown excluding bone graft.

  • Implant records ($400) would be required for evaluation prior to a treatment plan.


Are your dentures uncomfortable?

  • Dentures are removable appliances which are used to replace missing teeth.

  • Partial dentures can be either a plastic or of a metal type.

  • The metal partial denture is the stronger of the two.

  • From $850.


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