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 "Fantastic,  kind,  caring and very patient dentist who is very reassuring and takes the time to talk and explain things properly without rushing clients through the door. I'm very happy to say Huapai Dental are my family dentists."

                                            Alex Skelly

 "I was worried about having the filling, but very happy with the whole treatment, no discomfort, and it looks great, very helpful as well. Good advice."

                                         Barbara Hall

 "We took our time to find a person for our son's orthodontic treatment. When we found Krushen we have never looked back. We are grateful that you look after Finn, and Victor, what a guy, always helpful. Just a brilliant team!"

                                     Adith Stoneman

 "It's always a pleasure to come for treatment. We are two committed generations!"


 "Very good & reassuring dentist. A pain free treatment."     

                                      Avalon Hamlen

 "A professional, pleasant & painless experience in a caring environment."          

                                    Debbie Beveridge

 "The absolute best dentist I've ever had.  I travel from town to see him as he's re-assuring, professional and personable. Thank You!" 

                                         Elle McIntosh

 "Best dentist visit ever. Thanks to all"

                                       Rodney Wilson

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